Second International Summit on Presenting Investment Opportunities and Sustainable Development in Mokran Shores

Mokran Development Summit mainly focuses on presenting investment opportunities in the fields of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemicals; Industries and Mines; Tourism and Marine Ecotourism; Transportation, Ports and Urban Planning; and Fisheries and Agriculture among other attractive investment fields.

It is worth mentioning that most of Iranian governmental and private companies in the main fields covered by the event are expected to participate in Mokran Convention, presenting their investment projects and potentials.

Considering the fact that Iran’s government fully supports the plans for developing this strategic intact coastal area of the country, the event will provide a great opportunity for foreign companies and organizations to get informed about the various investment capabilities in the region.

This event would also be a great platform for domestic and foreign participants to be presented with numerous potential capacities that exist in the strategic coastal area of Mokran; get familiar with legal procedures and frameworks; understand the trends of investment market; and professionally network with other participants.

The main topics to be discussed in the Summit include:

  • International Transit of Goods and Products through North-South and East-West Corridors
  • Development of Oil and Gas Fields and Terminals
  • Development of Modern Residential Complexes
  • International and Regional Exchange of Knowledge and Technology
  • Development of Fisheries, Agriculture, and Food Industries
  • Development of Industrial and Commercial Infrastructures
  • Cultural Exchange and Development of Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • Sustainable Development of Water and Electricity
  • Enhancement of the Level of Healthcare Development and Health Educations
  • Enhancement of the Level of Security in Investment and Development of International Economic Cooperation

“Second International Summit on Presenting Investment Opportunities and Sustainable Development in Mokran Shores” Panels