2017 Success Story


Mokran, The forgotten treasure

Considering the goals of Mokran Development organization and Iran’s role in them, and given the definition of the north-south corridor in the country, the strategic importance and uniqueness of Mokran Coast becomes clear.
Additionally, the concentration of all activities, and high dependence on the Strait of Hormuz of the Persian Gulf and its infrastructure, has caused an excessive pressure on this region which leads to even more dependency on it. In the meantime, it should be considered that Mokran Coastal strip is located on the entrance of the Strait of Hormuz and has an easier access to the international waters. Given these facts, should the necessary infrastructure develop, Mokran area can help improving the region’s position in the regional, national and international aspects.
The macro approach of Iran to this region and the particular attention of the Supreme Leader and the administration to it, emphasizes the unique conditions of Mokran and leaves no doubt for policymakers to focus on it.
The secretariat of Mokran development organization, with the support of related ministries, organizations and entities responsible for Mokran’s development programs, decided to hold the 1st international convention for presenting Mokran investment opportunities on January 2017 in Chabahar, Iran. In this regard, the organization cooperated with experienced and expert organizers to carry out the planning and initial actions. Main purposes of the convention included:

  • To introduce the investment capacities of the region
  • To review and present executive development plans of the region
  • To introduce the investment opportunities of the region to local and international main investors
  • To facilitate the realization of the development goals of Islamic Republic of Iran in Oman Sea coasts.


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