Investment Opportunities

Minisrty of Oil

The first and most important part in Iran's return environment to the global economic which attracts the attention of investors, is the energy sector and specially oil and gas sector and related industries. Due to the Mokran zone neighborhood to the open sea, suitable headstock for investment in transmission and storage of oil in the region has provided, that consequently, building a refinery and downstream industries, would be justified. Also, due to supply gas transmission infrastructures from the seventh nationwide gas pipeline which passes from the northern region, the ability to define downstream gas projects and downstream transmission lines and gas exports to neighboring countries is possible.

  • Construction of the second terminal for exporting Iran’s oil and construction of crude oil and petroleum products’ storage tanks in Jask
  • Transferring natural gas from Jask to Oman and U.A.E.
  • Transferring natural gas from seventh nationwide pipline to Jask and Chabahar
  • Construction of refineries in Jask
  • Crude oil pipeline of Asalooye-Jask
  • Construction of Chabahar petrochemical hub (Negin-e Mokran)
  • Construction of an industrial hub based on downstream energy industries of oil, gas, and petrochemical in Chabahar and Jask
  • Investing on exploration and extraction of hydrocarbon reservoirs
  • Hormoz refinery
  • Gas pipeline project from Asalooyeh to Oman transmission
  • Construction of Jask oil tanks and terminal
  • Construction of gas transmission pipeline from seventh gas pipeline to Jask
  • Construction of gas transmission pipeline from seventh gas pipeline to Chabahar

Negin Mokran Development Petrochemical Co.

Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade

  • Construction of Jask industrial complex
  • Activation of Chabahar Petrochemical industrial complex
  • Construction o Mokran steel complex in Chabahar
  • Construction of industrial small and medium sized projects and processing industries
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Steel plant
  • Jask aluminum production complex
  • Jask petrochemical complex
  • Jask Magnesium complex
  • Providing infrastructure and utilities for Jask industrial park
  • Jask Titanium complex
  • Mokran steel complex
  • construction of aquatic products complex
  • Construction of Date processing complex
  • Construction of tropical food processing complex
  • Construction of aquatic food production complex

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture – Agricultural Projects

  • Development plans and projects in the fields of soil and water (including storing rainfall, transferring water, equipment and renovation of primary and secondary networks)
  • Development plans and projects in the field of plant production
  • Development plans and projects in the field of livestock production (including camels, ostriches, chickens, calves, and etc.)
  • Development of tropical fruit orchards
  • Construction of Agricultural Greenhouses
  • Agricultural commodities export terminals

Ministry of Agriculture – Fisheries Projects



The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization

  • Developing west coasts of Chabahar tourim zone
  • Developing Talabe Soorati tourim zone
  • Developing Darya Bozorg tourim zone
  • Developing Golfeshan Konarak tourim zone
  • Developing Guatr tourim zone
  • Developing Gurdim tourim zone
  • Developing Miniature tourim zone


  • mproving the main road of BandarAbbas-Konarak
  • Construction of Chabahar, Iranshahr, Zahedan, Mashhad, and Sarakhs railway network
  • Development projects of Shahid Beheshti and Shahid Kalantari ports
  • Construction of coastal highway of Minab-Jask-Chabahar-Gwadar
  • Development of Chabahar airport and turning it into the hub airport for transitting cargo and passengers in the route of Europoe-Pacific
  • Development of Jask and BandarAbbas airports
  • Construction of Madar port in Jask
  • Construction of small multipurpose ports
  • Tiss new town
  • Construction of Jask port
  • Construction of new airport of Chabahar
  • Developing the current airport of Chabahar
  • Construction of Bandar Abbas-Chabahar coastal highway

Ministry of Energy

Ministry of Energy – Power Projects

Ministry of Energy – Water Projects

Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Chabahar Free Zone Org.

Undoubtedly, Chabahar Free Zone as one of the main economic hubs (from the perspective of commercial and
industrial) based on the Mokran coastal area and stimulating regional development, has a special attraction for
investors and Chabahar free trade and industrial zone organization as the management and organizing institution of
this free zone, has a special plans and programs to promote the region and attract investors and the private sector to
operate in the region. Providing these opportunities as well as infrastructures and existing arrangements in region in
order to facilitate the activities of economic activists and also legal incentives arranged in the region is one of the
most important topics to discuss in this panel. Also, consulting with investors and responding to questions and
doubts of investment applicants, will form the final part of the panel.