Iran to build large oil terminal in Jask

August 17, 2016 0 By admin

The Iranian oil ministry has announced plans to build the new terminal to protect Iran's oil exports against potential problems in the Persian Gulf and to boost shipments of Caspian oil, and providing an alternative option for Iran's main export terminal at Kharg Island

.Shana news website quoted the head of the Iranian Oil Terminals Company (IOTC), Seyyed Piruz Mousavi, as saying that the new terminal would be built at Jask Port, on the coast of the Gulf of Oman on the south coasts of Iran.
'In the event of any type of problem in exporting crude oil from the Kharg terminal, the new one can provide backup for exports,' Musavi said.The new terminal would be connected to the Caspian Sea port of Neka using a one million barrel a day pipeline, the report added.