About Mokran

Mokran is a semi-desert coastal strip in Balochistan, in Pakistan and Iran, along the coast of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The name Mokran derives from Maka, borne by an overlapping satrapy of the Achaemenid Empire. Another, older derivation is from the Makar, or sea dragon, after the humpback whales or whale sharks that abound in the north Arabian Sea.
The Importance and Geopolitical Values of Mokran Coast
One of the most important features of this area, is its proximitiy to the international waters around the southern border, and being a direct neighbor with Pakistan and Afghanistan and an indirect neighbour with the Central Asian countries (through Turkmenistan). Mokran is a signifienct way for these landlocked countries (except Pakistan) to connect the high seas.
Should the necessary infrastructure develops, Mokran has the potential to play a significantly important and strategic role in the region.
Another main advantage of this region, is the importance of Iran’s position in Economic Cooperation Organization and the role it plays in regards of the main purposes of this organization, including:


  • Improving conditions for sustainable economic development and rising living standards and walfare level of the people
  • Expansion of inter-regional and trans-regional trade, and elimination of trade barriers
  • Trying to integrate trading of the regional countries with the global trade network and enhancing economic, social, cultural, technical and scientifinc cooperations
  • Developing transportation and communication infrastructures
  • Converging public and private sector development, with an emphasis on economic liberalization
  • Defining a joint plan to develop human resources and exploitation of natural resources


Considering the goals of the organization and Iran’s role in them, and given the definition of the the north-south corridor in the country, the strategic importance and uniqeness of Mokran Coast becomes clear.
On the other hand, the concentration of all activities, and high dependence on the Strait of Hormuz of the Persian Gulf and its infrastucture, has caused an excessive pressure on this region which leads to even more dependency on it. In the meantime, it should be considered that Mokran Coastal strip is located on the entrance of the Strait of Hormuz and has a way easier access to the international waters. Given these facts, should the necessary infrastructure developes, Mokran area can help improving the region’s position in the regional, national and international aspects.
The macro approach of Iran to this region and the particular attention of the Supreme Leader and the administration to it, emphasizes the uniqe conditions of Mokran and leaves no doubt for policymakers to focus on it.